Tat-kei Lai

lai3Associate Professor
Department of Economics & Quantitative Methods
IÉSEG School of Management

Lille Économie Management UMR 9221 CNRS

Address: Socle de la Grande Arche,  1 parvis de La Défense
92044 Paris – La Défense Cedex, France
Email: t [dot] lai [at] ieseg [dot] fr


Ph.D. in Economics (2011), University of Toronto
– Advisors: Arthur J. Hosios (Co-chair), Aloysius Siow (Co-chair), Varouj A. Aivazian

Research Interests

Empirical microeconomics, Corporate finance


  1. “Novelty-seeking Traits and Applied Research Activities,”
    with Yuichi Furukawa and Kenji Sato
    Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 27 (2020), 945-950
  2. “The Impact of Corporate Fraud on Director-Interlocked Firms: Evidence from Bank Loans,”
    with Adrian C.H. Lei and Frank M. Song
    Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Vol. 46 (2019), 32-67
  3. “Does Dividend Tax Impede Competition for Corporate Charters?”
    with Travis Ng
    Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 45 (2017), 751-772
  4. “Do Tax Havens Create Firm Value?”
    with Travis Ng and Siu Kai Choy
    Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 42 (2017), 198-220
    Online appendix
    – Previously circulated as “Do Treasure Islands Create Firm Value?”
  5. “WTO Accession, Foreign Bank Entry, and the Productivity of Chinese Manufacturing Firms,”
    with Zhenjie Qian and Luhang Wang
    Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 44 (2016), 326-342
  6. “The Impact of Product Market Competition on Training Provision: Evidence from Canada,”
    with Travis Ng
    Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 47 (2014), 856-888
  7. “The U.S. Finance Wage Premium Before and After the Financial Crisis: A Decomposition Exercise,”
    with Stella Capuano and Hans-Jörg Schmerer
    Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 21 (2014): 1144-1147
  8. “The Market for CEOs: An Empirical Analysis,”
    with Varouj A. Aivazian and Mohammad M. Rahaman
    Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 67 (2013), 24-54

Selected Working papers/Work in progress

  1. “Educated to be Trusting? Evidence from Europe,”
    with Kamhon Kan
  2. “Love of Novelty: A Source of Innovation-Based Growth … or Underdevelopment Traps?”
    with Yuichi Furukawa and Kenji Sato
  3. “Does Restricting Outsiders Always Lower Price and Benefit Insiders?”
    with Travis Ng

Last updated: 2020-07-23